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Stop Clowning Around
Scott Holman

Welcome to Stop Clowning Around

Where Ambitious Profesionals Stop Clowning Around and Become the Master of Their Show

About Me

STOP CLOWNING AROUND and become the MASTER of Your Show!

Scott is a leading certified public speaker, trainer, and coach supporting business owners and business leaders to scale their business through performance and leadership mastery.
Scott spent the early years of his career clowning around, just trying to figure things out.
A life changing conversation with a friendly truck driver and a chance purchase on a couple books at a flea market sent Scott on a journey of personal and professional development to master his show.
With time, Scott was able to rise through the ranks of sales and leadership positions within the security industry even landing on the coveted “20 under 40 Security Professionals” by Security Systems News.
Scott believes a MASTER of their show is both excellent at their craft, but even better at building and maintaining a collaborative team of diverse performers to create a show that customers want to see, come back to, and share with their friends. The Greatest Show on Earth!

Scott's passion is helping other ordinary ambitious professionals maximize their potential by helping them Master Their Show sooner.  If that is you, welcome to the community.  

In August of 2020, Scott’s first book "Stop Clowning Around” was published. His hope is that young professionals can figure the important things out quicker than he did. You can pick up your copy of this book on Amazon.

Why You Should Join Me

Looking back, if there was anything I wish I could have had, it was a community of mentors willing to share the secrets to professional and life success so I could have found my way quicker.  
It is proven we are who we spend our time with and a community like this would have helped me master my show sooner.  

Often, we do not have the community we need in our current circle of relationships.  Often, we are just misunderstood and discouraged from pursuing our best version.  

This community is intended to provide the encouragement and empowerment needed to Stop Clowning Around and become the Master you are called to be.  

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